Oulalie - pronounced ooolalee. Spelled on the header Oulalaeee for fun. Actually, that's a lie...it was a mistake I really made and stays as an example of, well, all sorts of things really. Oulalie is my blog and my pink eyed rabbit who lives in the garden with her boyfriend Guillermo. Oula is a foodie (I am not) and she digs a great hole (I'm a pro). 
To read more about this blog, click here. There's stuff about me there and below too. The most important stuff down there are the quotes, so don't miss them in the yellow below.

I do all sorts of things and here are some little linkages to sort of help you see, quickly, what those things are. I draw. I make things out of plastic that I find on the beach. I paint. I am a mom. I do allot with not very much, AKA recycling/reuse projects. I take photos with my phone and fall in love with many of them. I have opinions about things. I try to cop to my mistakes and I am always hopeful...only I couldn't find an example of that so I may need to reassess my self concept. Oh...and I love clothes and have no money.

I have really had a most bizarre last couple of years. I am an artist and a mom and have had lemons the size of hoppity-horses fall down around me from the sky like that great rain of frogs in the movie Magnolia. Now I think - life is short and we're all going to get clobbered by that great hoppity-horse sized lemon in the sky sometime so before it gets you, get it! Grab it and squeeze it and make tanks of lemonade. Open up a stand! Make a 35million dollar industry out of it. Design outfits from the skin and stuff pillows with the pulp. Make art, music, furniture, houses, jewelry. Build a community, add lots of sugar, make faces and share it all with your friends. Use the whole lemon.

In the words of:

...the most sexy man on the planet, 
"Get back up on the horse that bit you."

...one of one of my very most favorite people 
"If you squirted soy sauce on me I didn't even notice!"

...my daughter 
"I love you but I don't know what to do with you."

...the father of my child
 "You're creating intimacy to stall production." 

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