January 31, 2011

Travel Sketches from the 90's

Breakfast in St Remy, France
These are sketches i did, mostly in Europe and mostly in 

the 90's. They're mostly done in little sketchbooks with 

india ink, whatever nib I could find and a travel windsor 

Langoustine in Port Isaac, England

and newton watercolor set. Oh, and some chalk pastel 

Leith, just outside of Edinburgh

too. If I used pencils I like a 4b.

Things going into St. Ives, England

Keep in mind these were all done very fast,

sometimes in a moving vehicle, 

Santa Barbara Pelicans 
sometimes under threat of being attacked (above)

Scottish twigs

sometimes with fingers that had just been frozen

Bruges, Belgium
and sometimes trying to escape the scrutiny of

Sleeping boy on the train to St. Sebastian

onlookers. Allot of time the people moved,

San Sebasti├ín, Basque Country 
or my brother was pleading with me to get moving, 

Somewhere in Salamanca, Spain
or it was so hot I thought I would die. But I never did.

Cannes, France
Mostly though, I remember places better by 

Niece, France

sketching them. I remember how uncomfortable it was

Interlacken, Switzerland
or what we were doing that day

Paris, France
and I'm so glad I have them. There are tuns more...

St. Remy, Provence, France
but this is a start, a taste - and I did it for Jennifer who

Somewhere in Provence, France

wanted to see more.

Somewhere in Provence, France

Port Isaac. Cornwall, England

Plymouth, England

January 27, 2011

Felt Projects 1: Valentines and sundry

These are some Valentines I'm making out of felt. The cheapest craft store squares of it. I like felt and usually carry around  a little bag of it wherever I go. It's fun. It's easy and you can always find your way back home...(endless scraps...)

This is no fancy thing. Oh no...thats obvious, but there is sugar in it's simplicity...its ease.

I highly recommend felt for an array of projects. It's cheap, its transportable, great for kids.

it feels good to cut IF your scissors are reasonably sharp...and it's a drag if they are dull.  I have commandeered someone's toenail scissors for snipping. They work very well.

You can bead it, brad it, stitch it or glue it. Elmer's or tacky glue work great.  

You can slap your creation onto any other piece of toothy material and it will just stay there. Back of a car seat is fun and great impermanent decoration.

I am obsessed with making flowers. I'm a bit of a girl like that.

These are the beginning of my forrest of flowers.

They are collected oak branches spray painted.

then covered with felt flowers and leaves. Artificial Horticulture I call it.

I had some rocks from a beach which I used as a base by

using a HAMMER DRILL!!! that my other very clever housemate Andy lent me. I'm better with a regular drill.


Then there are the barrettes. Yes I spelt it wrong in felt. I'm good at that. 

Then there's my beautiful big tree. It was a transplant that failed. Then, was spray painted and adorned. VERY satisfying.
It's a great photo by Larry Mills, but not too descriptive of the tree. I'll find a better one later.

Reuse project 6: Nostalgia drawings

Then there's the next level of re-usage. Making drawings of the 

ones you sold and miss.

It's so sad when artwork goes and you miss it

January 26, 2011

Reuse project 5: Any old ballpoint

...Je veux seulment vous


Once upon a time in a land far far away...a la lune...yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Forever x ... come be with me... there you are in the tangle of limbs that is our morning

LOVE...hold on...let go

It's all about the door...do the hard work first...door

Trust... speak...zoom zoom  ... you... me

you fell back...back...

les aventures de amour et temps

Using any old black ballpoint as my tool, I spent a few months doing these doodles, love letters, whatever you want to call them. Yes, I bought the paper - 6" x 6" Strathmore Bristol Smooth. 20 sheets for 2.95 at art essentials. I LOVE WORKING IN A SQUARE! But the genus part of this project (if you'll forgive my immodesty) was the ballpoint...the peoples pen.

Again, it can be so liberating having limitations. It was simple and omnipresent. You rarely find yourself anywhere that you can't get one, and I don't mean buy. Everyone seams to be trying to get rid of them, and yes some are better than others. My favorite one I believe  said Longs on it. Who would have thunk.