January 27, 2011

Felt Projects 1: Valentines and sundry

These are some Valentines I'm making out of felt. The cheapest craft store squares of it. I like felt and usually carry around  a little bag of it wherever I go. It's fun. It's easy and you can always find your way back home...(endless scraps...)

This is no fancy thing. Oh no...thats obvious, but there is sugar in it's simplicity...its ease.

I highly recommend felt for an array of projects. It's cheap, its transportable, great for kids.

it feels good to cut IF your scissors are reasonably sharp...and it's a drag if they are dull.  I have commandeered someone's toenail scissors for snipping. They work very well.

You can bead it, brad it, stitch it or glue it. Elmer's or tacky glue work great.  

You can slap your creation onto any other piece of toothy material and it will just stay there. Back of a car seat is fun and great impermanent decoration.

I am obsessed with making flowers. I'm a bit of a girl like that.

These are the beginning of my forrest of flowers.

They are collected oak branches spray painted.

then covered with felt flowers and leaves. Artificial Horticulture I call it.

I had some rocks from a beach which I used as a base by

using a HAMMER DRILL!!! that my other very clever housemate Andy lent me. I'm better with a regular drill.


Then there are the barrettes. Yes I spelt it wrong in felt. I'm good at that. 

Then there's my beautiful big tree. It was a transplant that failed. Then, was spray painted and adorned. VERY satisfying.
It's a great photo by Larry Mills, but not too descriptive of the tree. I'll find a better one later.

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