January 26, 2011

Reuse project 5: Any old ballpoint

...Je veux seulment vous


Once upon a time in a land far far away...a la lune...yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Forever x ... come be with me... there you are in the tangle of limbs that is our morning

LOVE...hold on...let go

It's all about the door...do the hard work first...door

Trust... speak...zoom zoom  ... you... me

you fell back...back...

les aventures de amour et temps

Using any old black ballpoint as my tool, I spent a few months doing these doodles, love letters, whatever you want to call them. Yes, I bought the paper - 6" x 6" Strathmore Bristol Smooth. 20 sheets for 2.95 at art essentials. I LOVE WORKING IN A SQUARE! But the genus part of this project (if you'll forgive my immodesty) was the ballpoint...the peoples pen.

Again, it can be so liberating having limitations. It was simple and omnipresent. You rarely find yourself anywhere that you can't get one, and I don't mean buy. Everyone seams to be trying to get rid of them, and yes some are better than others. My favorite one I believe  said Longs on it. Who would have thunk.


  1. I adore these!

  2. Thanks Viki! I still owe you a wedding present!

  3. "Little" Holly is most impressed with what she has seen so far, I keep telling her you are an artist now she knows.