January 26, 2011

Reuse project 4: Refiguring of the Reuse...Paintings of Plastic

The problem with working with plastic you find on the beach is

that it's very hard to find a bunch of the same desirable object.

So, I took the process a step further and photoshopped parts of my

plastic creations together and did paintings of them. That is what these are...and one of them 'was' as it may have been the victim of a crime of passion. But that's another story.

A point might be that there's a WHOLE lot of different things we can do with our excesses. Excess waste, energy, love, whatever. It's good to choose how we channel it.

There's a Bataille quote in here somewhere...from the Accursed Share I believe. Anyone have it?

1 comment:

  1. The existence of this inclination to aggression, which we can detect in ourselves and justly assume to be present in others, is the factor which disturbs our relations with our neighbor and which forces civilization into such a high expenditure (of energy).
    —Sigmund Freud

    If we do not have the force to destroy the surplus energy ourselves, it cannot be used, and like an unbroken animal that cannot be trained, it is this energy that destroys us: it is we who pay the
    price of the inevitable explosion.
    —Georges Bataille