January 26, 2011

Reuse project 3: Orbs

Lighting is so important! 
(especially if you wallow frequently in dark self pitying 
places like me and some of my good friends)
These glowing orbs are harvested from the back sides of giant fireflies that live near a volcano in a field somewhere... else. The giant insects are not actually killed during the harvest, unlike bees loosing their stingers, these glowing skins are shed. We support the humane harvesting of these trophy butts and suggest  you do too.  

If you were to try and replicate these objects, 
this is what you might decide to do.

1. Get a bunch of balloons and blow them up
2. Dig out some old tissue (wrapping) paper and rip up
3. Mix some elmers and water together in a largish bowl or tray
4. Dip the 3-4inch strips of tissue into the 1/2 & 1/2 mix
5. Stick it to the balloon
6. Repeat until you have maybe 5 layers on there
7. leave a hole, at least 1 1/2 inch at the balloon 'stem' 
8. Let dry (depending on conditions could be 24 hrs)
9. Pop balloon when dry, and remove
10. Trim edge around stem
11. Get some of those 100 hr battery powered tea lights
12. Wait till dark, turn candle on, put shell over and VOILA!

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