October 24, 2011

Upcycled Christmas #1 - Ornaments from old clothes

I live in this house with a very cool little family. My daughter loves them very much, although she's now saved $68 from selling her chickens eggs, in order to buy me a house. "Is that enough mom?"  She's extremely serious about the whole thing.

If I ever do get my own house I want it to have a heating vent in the kitchen like this house does so my daughter can have her cereal in front of something  so yummy as a jet of warm air on her back on a cold day.

It's also great for gladiator sessions. " Sisterrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! You're taking up all the spaaaaaaaceeeeee!!!"

As the girls were loudly  competing for the best position tonight, I interjected "Child in front of the heater...what is your favorite thing to draw?"..."I guess dresses and stuff" came the soft steady voice.

I'm all about doing the opposite of what I'm supposed to, so in the face of business plan meltdown, making an upcycled collaborative christmas tree ornament prototype with hot air thief number one, suddenly became essential.

After consulting with said 6th grader I made this EXTREMELY good feeling, upcycled christmas ornament. 

Some of you may even recognize the plaid. It's a pair of pants that I LOVED - oh how I loved them, that I wore for years.
and now it's an ornament!

I used Elmer's glue and cardboard from the back of some paper I bought recently and my one fancy tool (I am usually against fancy tools...probably because I  can't afford them) scissors  with a jig-jaggedy edge.

Oh my gosh  I'm so tired. There are so many things I've been doing that I just haven't had the time to get up here. Ok, I will.

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