November 17, 2011

How to: make a rocket costume out of cardboard

 It was a swift exit to unconsciousness for my daughter as I read to her tonight. I'm not sure if she was even awake at the end of the second opening quote, the first from Foucault, the second...Karl Marx. One thing I'm sure of is that by the time we got to the Wiyot massacre my la la las fell on def ears.

That was her dads book which I've never actually read, because I lived it. Its true! Well - I lived the writing of it anyhow and the sentences in that book conjure images of the place...wrapped, as we were, in it's foggy grip next to the industrial harbor, stuck at the edge of old town.

I started reading again there, and painting. It was the first real studio I'd had since college, and the art that came out was solidly steeped in the conversations we we were having.  

My work still has allot of that - of those conversations and although our work is very different, it excites me that what we share (aside from our awesome daughter) is still motivating and I think mutually beneficial.

This is the first painting in a series based on documenting my upcycling projects. It's meant to be sincere and funny too as you probably couldn't actually make the outfit in this DIY project by just looking at the visuals. Its how I feel half the time I look through a product assembly manuel - WHAT???

But - if you fill in the blanks - you could probably figure something out.

And - thats what it's all about!

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