February 2, 2012

Cardboard Map

We, my daughter and I, are at the doctors office waiting to see our awesome doctor, to make sure she doesn't have appendicitis....that's what got me there anyhow. She doesn't know that so don't tell her.

So we're waiting outside so we don't catch anything else while we're there, for an HOUR AND A HALF, enough time for the nurse to remark later that she had a low temperature by the time we got in, that is, she was actually cold. Totally a side point.

She's in decent spirits just having eaten a piece of toast, the first food in 2 days, and wants to play games on my phone. "Mama - we can do the stack the states one! That's educational!" OK - I acquiesce (I'm a hard ass when it  comes to screen time...think theres too much of it) but this time maybe...ok. I need a distraction too or I'm going to get mad about waiting.

So we start playing. "Which of these states is Texas?" Bingo, gets it right out of 4 state shapes. "What's the capital of New Mexico" right, "which state is also known as the keystone state?" right, "Phoenix is the capital of which state? "Little rock is the capital of which state?""Which state shares a boarder with Tennessee?" right right right.

She's 7 and as far as I know has not paid any particular attention to maps of the world. We were both laughing. "I'm good at guessing mama...and I've played this a lot!"

So, when we get home we went to work making the above map. Enough said. It was fun.

ps. SHE put the A on Oregon "I don't know why I did that" she said. "Just circle it and it will make sense" I said. And so she did, and then put some foliage on it. Green Anarchists? Oregon? She is a good guesser I guess.

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