February 1, 2012

Sea Birds on Cardboard

My daughter has been home sick for 3 days now. At first it was awful, but as she got better, she got hungry again and she got tricky too.

"Mom - my tummy feels funny - I  think I need to watch a movie"

Day one and two I was truly happy for anything that would make her pathetic little wilted frame even a little bit happy, but day 3 and four my "mommy" got going and the task master stepped in.

"NO...absolutely not, lets: make a sandy sea shore diorama, create a map of the united states out of cardboard, draw sea birds, collaborate on projects, read books, do your homework, work in the studio, play chess and backgammon INSTEAD". So we did. (Side note - she beats me at backgammon all the time now). 

She drew the  birds and I watercoloured them in and I Love love love the result. I thought she did a fantastic job of capturing the initial details and unique features and I loved coloring in her outlines.

Fun. I LOVE painting on cardboard and the last batch of watercolours I found worked SO well. These are done in pencil and a children's watercolor set on a piece of cardboard from our recycling.  Yee haw!  

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  1. Your daughter has also inherited your artistic and magician genes.