May 21, 2011

The projected end of everything

Will there be corn dogs at the rapture? I admit I'm totally out of the loop and didn't even know about this bizarre and news worthy (why?) projection until yesterday.

Will there be balloons and stuffed animals like at the fair?

Will there be bunnies in cages and painted flowers and merry go rounds and tasty sweet things?

Maybe there will be pink cups and lights and all your shots hit their mark. Maybe you always win! Oh man...I could use a win.

Will there be lemonade and sweet corn and lots of rubber ducks?

 I understand the idea that people need to feel taken care of, and one step further that it can be pleasurable to submit. But believing that some other power is going to totally take care of us seams like believing that this shaved ice is saturated with actual orange juice...and acting like it was so could be detrimental to ones health long term.

Maybe I've got it all wrong. I might be cool with that. I sure hope there's not a rapture where you get 'lifted up' though because in recent years I've been getting vertigo in a big way  and that would be terrifying. 

I don't know why the whole thing reminds me of deep fried snickers and funnel cakes.

After that it reminds me of how much pleasure some of us derive from dominating and others submitting. 

There's another part of this narrative that has to do with my sea cucumber philosophy, but i will write about that tomorrow.

Energy. Fear. Panic. Projection. 

The real question is what do we all do right now while we're here to make things like we want them to be in this imagined heaven? Blaming other folk for our misery is just giving our power away and imagining everything will be better somewhere else puts one in the position of being terminally dissatisfied. 

I wasn't intending to get all preachy. Oh no. I was really just thinking about corn dogs and sea cucumbers and the possibility of a god.

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  1. The cardboard house is my favorite. Great blog, good luck!! -- Abby's dad