June 28, 2011

The dynamic and static coefficient of velocity

There's slurry on the track.

They say be careful, it's hot and the track is without her rubber skin. Naked and new she will send you sliding...in her parameter is your dust...your dust is star dust, your dust is my dust. 

(Crash...crash into me...let go and slam into my frame.)

Take your foot off the brake and skid into my sleeping shoulder. 
Wake me up!
 Let me wedge myself in the cracks of your tires, and stick to the back of your throat.

 I am the presence in your absence, the mistake you won't make...is that why  you wont wake me? 

Velocity. Acuity. Timidity. 

I am something other than you. 

I'll bite your tires and kick rocks at your metallic door, I will dig holes in your road and bark into the night...

Until you let me in, or I disapear in the dust and the rust that surrounds you.  

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