July 5, 2011

...to say

I'm afraid that we're dead.

(When you touch me I become that sublime expanse. Don't ever stop.)

I'm afraid that we've made a terrible mistake.

(Open now like anemones in the fog waiting...)

I'm afraid you are not who I thought you were, that you've buried yourself forever in someone else's tears.

(In those transgressions, under those blankets we explode)

I'm afraid of stupidity. I'm afraid of your scabs. I'm afraid of the things you don't see.

(There is new skin...In the opening where we brake)

We are male. We are female.

(but what are we together?)

Fearful. Isolated. Lonely. Say something for gods sake. Let me in. Tell me you see me before I am drowned in this desert.

(Fill me with everything you are. I adore you and the taste of your absence feels like death.)

I'm afraid. I'm in love. 

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