July 9, 2011

You, me and then...(m)

In the next two days I need to produce a painting. The canvas is 5x5...feet.  I've been thinking about it for ages now - and like most things which I sit on like this...my vision for it has changed.

The show that I'm producing this painting for is called Earth From Space and will be artists reactions to the famous photo taken in 1968 of the earth from the moon. 

I was born in 1968, several days after this photo was taken.

This picture makes me think of partners, friends, couples and the way we see each other and then how that seeing of the other, and that being viewed forms and transforms us.

I often photograph details of the beds I sleep in. The folds and peaks of crumpled bed sheets remind me of things I want to be reminded of: shared sleep, bodies, home...a place I want to be, camaraderie, love, existence (I know - I read allot into a little rumple). So does the photo of the earth from the moon. 

I thought it would be super satisfying to do a giant juicy painting of our sheets in contemplation of this image. I was sure of my vision and path until yesterday when my gorgeous boyfriend's daughter put together the most audacious banana split - and now there is no question, I need to paint that instead. 

I'm thinking - first it is about me and you - about the beauty of becoming more beautiful in relation to a partner, by way of someone else's eyes, but THEN...you take it one step further and there's 'them' - offspring - the thing that grows between you...that somewhat audacious response to that 'becoming' and the love you've created gets directed into the gorgeous sticky gooey mess life becomes next . (The concept has certainly helped form this description....)  

The morning after. The synthesis. The unpredictability of creating something new and what it takes to do that. You, me and them. Oh yea - that's what I want to paint.

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