July 6, 2011

Shrews News

Here is the beginning of a story of a 'family' of shrews. These shrews are not related by blood, but they have chosen to be together and take care of each other and they love each other very much. This, they consider family, more so than some of the blood 'relatives' to whom they are more genetically connected. 

 They live together in a cardboard house in a little girls room on a hill with two cats and the little girls dad. 

Let me introduce you...

French Clown Shrew arrived mysteriously from Paris in the middle of a heat wave two years ago. He still doesn't speak English but somehow gets by, is adored by the girls and idolized by Anarchist shrew who would love to get to Paris one day.

Anarchist shrew, loves this family and stumbled upon it by accident after hitching a ride in some persons pocket from the streets of Seattle after the WTO protest in '99. He ended up in the laundry and was saved by a cat who noticed the little fellow during the spin cycle.

Although he dons the black hoodie and can of spray paint, Anarchist shrew is much more a socialist than individual anarchist, and his 'work' (aka street art) reflects this. More about that later.

The Dutch shrew is all about flowers. She is a bit silly, but loves gardening and tends to the flowering trees and beds of sunflowers at the Shrew House.

No one really remembers where she came from or when she showed up, including her. There is some suspicion that she may have been dropped by a bird from a great hight.

This is French Maid shrew. She is well...a french maid and keeps the house in order. If anyone needs some ironing done, or a spanking, or some extra help finding their keys or a good scrub...she's on the job. 'Thank you French Maid Shrew!'

Glam Rock Shrew has a green and blue eye just like his idol David Bowie. Unfortunately he's an arachnaphobe in the extreme, having been attacked by a tarantula in his bed when just a tiny shrew, and can barely bring himself to utter 'spiders' from mars, which causes him much grief. 

The Queen of Hearts Shrew is constantly trying to foist tarts and custards on to everyone and is subsequently she is quite popular. Her fervor does somewhat resembles an obsession, and there is suspicion that she spent some time in jail for providing the ammunition for the very public pie-ing of a famous health food guru...but this can not be confirmed. 

Painter shrew is always painting when he's not fiddling with his mustache,

and the Flower Queen shrew pretty much hangs out with the flower shrew and the queen of hearts but she's got a huge crush on the clown...although he doesn't know it. 

As we know, shrew's are known for their snorkeling abilities...here, Snorkel shrew has just caught dinner from a lake the little girls of the house had made earlier that day. Somehow, those spontaneous lakes were always full of fish.

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