April 17, 2011

Hedgehog Hunt

This has to be one of the easiest ways to have fun ever. It was my friends birthday (she's in kindergarten) and she loves hedgehogs...so I made her a game called hunt the hedgehog.

Cardboard, a sharpie and scissors. 
It's the easiest thing ever, just draw some hedgehogs and then hide them in the garden and let the kids go. They loved it!

The most important thing is that everyone wins...and their prizes have to do with whatever it is that they want. It's decadent like that.

I numbered each hedgehog and then made some cardboard cupcakes that I hid as well. It became a math game as each child had to add the numbers on the backs (up to 16 in this game) with one magic cupcake that was a x2 and the others  were bonus points. 

Then you have to make sure that everyone wins - so the person with the most points wins, the person with the highest # hedgehog wins, the person with rolled up hedgehog wins....and you just figure out what you need to make that happen.

It was fun - and it was fun when they hid them for us too.

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