April 12, 2011

A paper bag scribble

For whatever reason I love this thing. It is a scribble that I did on a paper bag then meticulously cut out with an exacto knife. After that I spray varnished a bunch of times to make it stiff.

This, and others like it, were inspired by a show I saw in Edinburgh once. Forget that, replace inspired with copied. OK...now we're talking. I TOTALLY copied. Don't you love it?? Someone is probably thinking this is not funny.

The show though was so beautiful. An artist had got all his friends to scribble on big sheets of paper, and then he took them all and cut them out. It was remarkable -  like signatures - no two were alike....not even close.

As if that weren't good enough, he then suspended them all from the ceiling with fishing line and lit them so they cast the most beautiful shadows ever. There were roes and roes of them.

This is my recycled paper bag version of that. If any of you Scottish folk know the name of that artist...I'd love to know!!

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