April 2, 2011

Motel crumbs

Toast in crumpled foil packet - I love you. Tiny waffles for little girls - I love you too. I love the man who brings the shiny food filled envelopes and I love the morning that brings the the light that makes them all sparkle.

I love the fact that there's glue and scissors and a smudge stick in my purse. I love sitting on the crumb filled bed watching you all eat and freeze outside deflecting the shrill little chants, and pleads, and demands to go into the cold pool RIGHT NOW...before your coffee force field has been adequately activated .

I love sitting inside and cutting - thinking about what I'm going to do with this tinfoil. Thinking about this beautiful little silver Greek icon my mom got me years ago - that I've always wanted to reproduce in tinfoil. Hmmm.

Bible in the drawer. TV front and center. What would be sacred in this motel room? What would I emboss into that tinfoil  with my smudgy stick or a pin or a sliced straw? The TV? The coffee maker? The bed? 

 My daughter told me that Hermes was the god of travel yesterday and that if you throw a drachma into a rainbow and say it's for Hermes you get something magical...but I forget what. She told me this as she was counting out $4.34 in very small change to pay for two tiny panda erasers for she and her friend.

There you are now being catapulted like rockets into the sky, and across that cold pool.

I love you funny little people and your funny little ways. I love the way you spent close to 45 minutes yesterday trying to find two of the same $1.99 eraser that you both wanted. I think these tinfoil doodles will be the beginning of those trophies you two wanted...travelers, warriors, tamers of the stuffed animals, keepers of greek myths...strong swimmers, readers, knot tiers and ice cream eaters.  Yep...

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