April 1, 2011

Drawing - still

I had the beginning of a conversation yesterday with a really talented guy, a guy who can draw or paint probably anything, beautifully. At least thats the impression I get from what little I've seen of his work.
One of the things I think he was saying had to do with the importance of a classical training and specificity. That is to say - the better vocabulary you have, linguistically, artistically, musically etc. the more specifically you can communicate not only that thing that's in your head but also translate and understand the world around you. It seams like a simple enough thing and I am totally sold on the importance of classical training. 

The conversation continued.

I think too, what about the great creative potential to be found in the mistakes, the imperfect translations, the beauty of the "untrained" eye, mouth, hand? What about the great discoveries to be made in the missteps and blunders? What about the importance of the awkward iterations, the gaps, the lack, the misunderstandings?  It sometimes feels like in those imperfections there are more opportunities to connect and engage - with each other and the world around us.

I guess no matter how good you get at something there are always things you can learn.

These are just thoughts...I'm not finished...but I'm going to go play with my daughter now. 

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