March 31, 2011

Drawing - a pattern or a habit?

Damn it feels good to just draw. In Art College I remember being horrified at having to rationalize everything...what's it about, who are your influences,  how does this body of work cohere...etc. etc., Pee Wee Herman, the Dutch masters, Chaos theory, Lucien Freud, Sonic Youth, Hellen Chadwick, all things aquatic? Cohere? Not exactly...not this decade.

Fast forward 20 years...oh lord I'm old. I've had some fairy large wake up lemons fall from the blue blue sky and I think now, (finally) it's just fine to draw space ship pod animal love letters with bubbles and ray guns and scribbles in the morning with my toast. It's just fine if  these graphite notes aren't as "good" as I want them to be. It's ok if I'm not a Dutch master or Sara Sze or the Dogma Film Makers or Nan Goldin or Radiohead or Vermeer or the guy from Mice Parade or Jenny Saville or anyone else that makes me cry and catapults me into another universe. 

Aaaah. Yes. It's ok...hopefully...


  1. You know Sanderfer...I almost actually said that in my blurb there.