March 27, 2011

The Sea Side...again

"Please understand when I need you and reject you. Let me run away and come back. Please understand when I love you in weird ways",  the tide said to the shore.

"Whats the difference between a deal and an appeasement? What's so unappealing about conflict?" she said ripping all the stones off his beach.

(Hold me, hold me in all the basins of your body until the sun bakes me out. I love you I love you I love you)

"I can't tell if it's you or me right now - I have no perspective. That hole might have always been there. Is it summer or winter?"

(Look at me just a little bit longer and tell me you love me too)

NO NO NO! You may not.

YES YES YES! I want to now.

"How did you come to that conclusion? Why did you steal my beach?" said the shore to the tide.

"It's not a conclusion - I'm thinking and I don't know what else to do. This is my thing, what I do, the way I am ... and look at all those cute little sea anemones I've exposed!".

Then they both sleep but they take turns waking up silently throughout the night, wondering what they're going to do.

(You have the most beautiful profile)

It is excruciating...the waiting, the silence, the desire.

(What is freedom?)

"If I had the guts I'd run away. If I had the guts I'd stick it out. But what are guts in the presence of love?" they both thought.

And then the sun came up and they did it all again.

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