March 12, 2011

Medals for Kids from Soy Milk Cartons

So - the kids ran a jog-a-thon yesterday and were so amazing! I'm not a big fan of the prize for the winners system...everyone should be rewarded, and no one deserves to be made to feel less than because they didn't 'win' or finish first or WHATEVER.

So - I'm making medals (out of soy cartons) for all the kids I'm in close contact with..quite a few it turns out.

The question was though - how do you make a soy carton medal 'cool'.  Potentially - it's pretty lame, especially for a fifth grader.

So I thought - what style bridges the childhood/grown up gap? What iconography could I reproduce that the kids might value?

It's kind of a no brainer when you think about it. BUT - I have yet to finish them and see how the boys and girls respond. My friend Tilly liked them so far - and that counts for a HUGE lot - because she's got great taste. 

OH - so if you haven't figured it out - the inside of soy containers, juice boxes and all things LIKE that are filled with this gorgeous silver lining that makes them environmentally evil. SO - if you're going to use them, reuse them. Rinse them out, cut em open and use that great hard silver cardboard for any number of projects. I do all the time. It's another awesome, free material that - as long as it exists - should be reused as much as possible - from my perspective.

or in the words of Serge Gainsbourg....check it out...aaah the 60's...

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