March 25, 2011


This fairly complicated, or maybe gaudy creature is my BANG-bot. He is the keeper of promises.

He is camouflaged in stripes and polka dots, and hides behind a small styrofoam cluster of clouds usually, so you don't know he's there. You see, the reasons promises are so hard to keep is because he has to catch them, as soon as they come out, and lock them in the safe he keeps next to his heart on his chest.  Promises are small and fast little buggers, and typically like to run free and wild. They also have sharp teeth, and very very small eyes.

But, if caught, he pops them in the safe and they can live forever next to his heart, feeding off his love and the scraps of hot glue left sloppily around the outside of connection points on his body. MMmmmm - hot glue.

If he finds promises that are insincere, and only put forth to suit someone's immediate needs,  or promises that have the potential lasting power of a 3 year old subjected to a 2 hour lecture on the Global Economy, he just slices them up with those pretty but lethal blades on the outside of his safe and they're gone, although not usually before a modicum of damage is done to someone. 

That's the sound it makes when they pop.

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