March 7, 2011

Paper bag carnivorous plants for kids!

I told my daughters first grade teacher that I would make recycled rain forrest flowers with the class...sooner than I'd realized. It's sort of tricky because allot of materials I gravitate towards need heavy duty glues or cutters or pokers and as far as I know there are rules against letting first graders, at least in the public schools, use heavy duty industrial equipment. 

In the absence of the possibility of real drama in the class room, I decided to go with flesh eating plants...the carnivores...stinky and conceptually exciting. These are a rafflesia and the little pot like ones I discovered are not named on the photo I was looking at. So much for at least appearing to know what I'm talking about...let alone doing.

They are made out of paper bags, staples and tape. Under the big flower I hot glued two containers -  hummus and cream cheese. I was bummed that the contents had molded, but excited to put the carcasses to good use.

The paint is water color - which I've always LOVED on brown paper bags. I bet if I spray lacquered them  the color would pop - and chalk pastel would look great on them too. 

It's just a first thought...I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Holly I LOVE carnivorous plants. I have hundreds of them! The rafflesia isn't really a "carnivore", but it is parasitic! The heliamphora (the one missing the name) IS in fact carnivorous, and grows in highland areas... like the tepuis! Great job! And you know what's so random? I just finished needle felting a venus fly trap that I'll be posting on my blog later this week! Great minds think alike. These are beautiful! Seriously great job.


  2. Victoria JK DunnMarch 7, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    These are great. the big one reminds me a but of your coke can flower. Too bad you can't do that. what about paper maché?

    so fun!

  3. Thanks Megan! You're such a pro in so many ways!!!