March 22, 2011


Meet Verita-Bot, aka the truth faerie. Aaah... the truth...what EXACTLY is it? I've found myself exploring that question more than I'd like recently. We've had some "incidents" of late .... some fat whoppers, some "I don't remembers" and some serious long winded fictional we called in our expert friend here. She may look sweet, but she's been known to...well, we won't go there.

She is made from everything I could find in the recycling this morning. Chocolate milk bottles, spice lids, old straws, Baskin Robbins wrapping and chip wrappers. She has two sets of wings for fast flying...she can catch a lie right out of the gate, her great big observant eyes help allot.

There - now you can see them. She is good. She is loving...and like magic, she'll turn your miscreant tendencies into great learning experiences for the whole family before you even know what's going on!! 

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