April 21, 2011

Spaces - Pretend...

Pretend its dark out and you're all alone. You've been walking for miles without food or water....in the rain and there is a big black lump where your heart should be. You are sick with loneliness and hunger and cold. Pretend then that in that bilious moment you see a little light and a door and something moving inside, slowly.

You stumble into this place...with some people...and every corner is alive...

with something antithetical to that cold night and your heart starts to beat again.

The dark is gone and every surface is screaming to be licked or rubbed or squeezed or scraped.

Outside and in....

Warmth and beauty grow like fungus

on every surface...in every corner something is wrapped or cradled 


the quiet and outrageous sit side by side...confident in their individuality 

there are distinctions 

There are colors

and materials

The edges of these distinctions, of the colors and materials - everything at those thresholds become highly viscous 

and the places to play sempiternal.

Tea and paint and dog and lights

rules are broken and made with great love, and humor and great attention to taste


I want to eat many of  the surfaces in this house.

I want to know all it's corners

I'm in love with all it's details


  1. Such lovely pictures full of personality. Any time you want to come here and take pictures of my house you are welcome.