December 24, 2011

Bas Couture: for friends in the old cold country

I couldn't  resist this today. For my friends in Scotland who are bemoaning the dirt and I am christmas eve in California. Its hot.

This is my 'low style' sporadic spore by the way. I haven't done it for a while...Indeed it's been weeks since I've even been dressed.......

this is how it goes....this is what I say:

Getting dressed in the morning is important. I have no money. I have 4 pairs of shoes, and I love clothes.  The reuse, recycle theme continues in this daily of what i was wearing when i made that weird thing, where it came from and how very little I paid for it. Ha!

For more about Bas Couture click here.

I've REALLY got to go but want to thank the H family for the skirt (you are too kind K to think of giving me all your clothes always - which I adore), top is $2 alpha, arm things are old shirt sleeves from high school (!), sox were a total steal at F21 at something like $2 also. Total cost..maybe $4-5? Pretty good hu? Now....california barbie santa has some reindeer to fight...where's my red cape...I don't need to get gored again. 

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