December 3, 2011

The Elevator speech - upcycle this!

Ok guys - it's getting SERIOUS! I'll be graduating in a few weeks from my WEV class, that is Women's Economic Ventures, TOTALLY check them out. It's the SET or Self Employment Training class I'm taking, and we're writing business plans.

I KNOW! Me? Business? I swear though, as delinquent and contrary as I am in this class (as in the rest of my life), it's been a life altering experience. Really fantastic.

Anyhoo...we have to say an elevator speech at our graduation. This is my first attempt to go public with it. I am one of the shyest people I know (I know it doesn't seam like it...) But I am, and usually you'll find me under a table before you'll find me in front of a group.

Group address #1. To your stations guinea pigs. And, don't laugh TOO hard.



  1. Holly, You are so brave and amazing! I love this!

  2. Christina! You are too kind - Im a total wing nut and freakishly paranoid about public speaking. I'd just love to puncture that...membrane of whatever it is...self consciousness?? Anyhow - thank you so much!!!

  3. You are not weird. I'd enjoy being in an elevator with you.
    I love your mission. -cheryl