December 23, 2011

Busy busy blah blah


I always actually thought I should be Jewish...I'm not sure why - I'm not particularly anything...well I'm contrary and difficult...but I'm not religious.

 I did though go to church the other day to see a little friend take part in a nativity like play.   I loved that and saw tuns of friends - which gets a person thinking. 

Razzle dazzle. Sparkle, twinkle, sickening sweet, blinding, shrill, and mounds of treats.

 I wonder if Paul McCarthy has done a Christmas piece. Ooooh - look at that, he has....front and center on his Wikipedia page.

I feel wrong now for even mentioning it - but...and...what does that have to do with my ornaments? 

Nothing really, accept that I like thinking about the flip side of things I think.

Conflict. I'm SO conflicted about christmas!

 Ambivalence. So necessary. I'm going to embrace mine now. Yes. Paper bag handle bows - you are charming and bizarre. 

Upcycled christmas  wrapping paper - you took too much time - but I kind of like you.

So - despite my seasonal ambivalence I've been making ornaments out of baking trays and felt, bows out of paper bag handles and wrapping paper out of paper bags and old potatoes (the prints are potato prints).

And - as always, I'm late with everything. Sometime, somehow, somewhere I need to re-calibrate.


But that's all sort of negalicious of me. What's up with the vibe Holly? Its Christmas and the world is having a consumer moment. Let it go.

I guess it's always bugged me a bit - maybe that's why I used to get complaints in a former life as retail sales person, when I would wrap presents like it was Fiesta or Day of the Christmas time.

"It's beautiful, but would you mind making it look a little more Christmas like?" Came the requests, over and over...not helping the line in the store or any other aspect of those precious last minute shopping moments.

(The thought of the banal uniformity of the tree's base with box after box wrapped in green and red was  annoying and confusing for  me)

Bring it on...that's what I'd like to say, but I'm experiencing something else.

Upcycle...think positive transformation of weird mood Holly. Maybe I need to play piano or ukelele, and make up a song about something dark. 

One of the folks I live with is always telling me I need it yang? The opposite of flowers and love and hearts and pretty things. He tells me with some regularity that I need an evil christmas elf toting a machete or some such thing in my picture, or a dead thing, or some blood - things like that. 

Hmmmm...where's that keyboard...

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