December 13, 2011

Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

 "Snip snip snip" went the scissors above the glitter strewn floor of one house, fireplace going, cats and coziness radiating around the pointy silver slivers - shards from the aluminum baking tray I was slowly turning into...spring flowers for my Christmas tree...

Then at another house, I made more, on someones soft yoga mat which saved my knees, but did nothing for my back and the street light position I repetitively find myself in. "Straight back, straighter straighter" I say constantly with a resounding minute at best of physical memory connected to that command.

 With an aluminum baking tray, colored sharpies and some scissors (toe nail scissors are great to use for detail if you have them) I venture out into the night later. 3 men ahead of me filled with burbon, find their way no problem to the disheveled peace of the man cave.  Snip snip...shiver shiver......snip...go my little scissors clenched in my frozen hands as a set of spring bugs are birthed from the humble tray to go with my spring flowers on my tree. We go from adam and the ants Pandora to a discussion about the potential satisfaction to be had if there were to be a "I'm just sayin" button between the up and downward pointing "like" thumbs.  

I also used felt, glitter, enamel pens and tiny brads which I got at Michaels. All you really need though are scissors and aluminum and a sharpie or two. That's it. And when the boys went home, and 2am found me, i was there in bed making a ladybug to go on the tree...and now I realize that Im tired...but as soon as i stop rambling on here - I'm going to make some more.

Oh yeah - and you can emboss them with a fork, or pointy thing of some sort. 

Easy for kids to make too! 

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