December 9, 2011

NEW! Bas Couture goes talkie!

December 8, 2012

Well - it's about time something new happened around here...aside from the 5 million weird things that have happened already today. 

LIVE! (well not really)....

From my completely remote work pod, this week in Helsinki...yes its warm... I bring you Bas Couture - or my low brow cheep-ass clothes page.  

Sometimes it's the only way I can get my sorry self to get me dressed in the morning. Sometimes it's not. The thing I thought I'd try is the live video...or video thing anyhow because you can actually see my clothes then, instead of just parts.  

I love the polkadot cacophony.....I don't like acoustic ones, but visual chaos tends to excite me. Oh. Gotta go now.
 For more about this page and to see me being a total poser...over and over and over again...go here
Skirts - alpha thrift, shirt ross for  less, leg things - remnant sleeves of a shirt I probably wore in high school 60 years ago.

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