December 8, 2011

You choose, in or out?

I'm having a conversation with a friend about expression.

 My friend says he thinks about it as coming from somewhere deep inside, and not maybe from out there - like something you might capture..

In or out...NOT to be confused with in AND out... have to make a choice.

I think thats part of it but...the point where it turns into an expression from something else - a notion, a concept or feeling -that point of conception, that split is the part I'm really interested in.

 I think of it as a decision.
Some of us choose to articulate glittered infused fluff into snow drifts surrounded by pink haired ladies eating giant slabs of meat in faded pink leathered booths.

Some drive very fast in circles in varying degrees of uncomfortable temperatures after long midnight or pre dawn pilgrimages to places away from other places where this sort of thing is ok.
Some of us are weathered and brown, wrinkles stretched to our ears where the all in one jumpsuit meets the base of the ear muffs.  Flags in one hand, coffee in the other, yellow teeth exposed. It's 6am and its cold, but and the air is full of fumes, and the rumble of engines, and you're surrounded by the thing that comes before speed, lust for control, camaraderie, anticipation of that edge, and in this case bagels too. 

You chose opulence while many have nothing. You chose and you strutted and you rolled in your own butter filled dreams. You are you and your expressions were intended to impress...who? Whoever you feel less than. 

Or somebody else chooses and picks your concept and displays it for all to see. 
But a concept is like a thought like a feeling, and comes before expression...sort of, doesn't it?

the act of representing something in a medium. Something that you actively  put out that symbolizes something else. There are so many things it means. Here it is defined more thoroughly.

I choose this. I captured and chose it and now I'm sharing it. I love it. I took about 100 pictures of this same thing but this was the one I choose.

The what, the what does it express is up to you. You are the other half of the expression. 

Same here.

I made this. If i were to have put words to it, I would say it symbolizes being too close to see what a thing is. It symbolizes blindness and heat and expectation and maybe intense pain or pleasure.

But thats MY take, and it's only my take right now. The other half is you.

One of us then will die first and the expression will stop.

Aaah the indifference of death.

But first, there's allot more people to rub shoulders with, flight plans to create and honey to share...................

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