December 28, 2011

Little things - woof

Woof! Woof woof...woof.

Today I woke up painting. Indeed I went to sleep painting and watching that cool Euin McGreggor motorcycle video. The contrast was nice -me sitting on the sofa studying the tiny details of one after another of my friends daughter's tiny toys...  

Euin and friend lighting farts and braving dust storms in Africa.

I'm thinking about the haves and the have nots. I'm thinking about stuff and desire and need.

I'm thinking I like this stuff, but Im going to like collecting the remains of this stuff in the next two months at the beach and thinking about it's benefit to humanity then. Stay tuned....i've got a plan!

Oh hey - and I've just put my first things on Etsy! I have no idea how it works but am giving it a go any how.

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