February 18, 2011

Another life for that poor cardboard box...

On my daughters 6th birthday I had loads of plans for games, months before...but like most things I think of ahead of time, I fell behind, then was out of time. 
Saul, my very cool old studio mate, had given me a bunch of cardboard, so the day or 2 before said party, I whipped up this game, and it goes like this...

 you have 2 teams, someone hides all genetically engineered insects all over the yard (they're like a foot and a half each), there are two of each and  the first team to find them all (one of each) and return them to home base (the flowers) wins. 

The real thrill of the game isn't that great hunt around the garden, but the fact that its grown ups against the kids.
I thought it would be boring for them (too little house on the prairie) but they LOVED it... until they realized that  they didn't actually get prizes for winning...then some had a little moan.

Ok and I just have to add the birthday cupcake photos because my daughter made them with the Fitton boys and I think they're fantastic!

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  1. I'm developing diabetes just looking at those cupcakes.