February 12, 2011

Felty bits


Valentines day for some might include the Valentines Voodoo Doll...indeed, i was wondering if Voodoo is necessarily malevolent  because I can think of some people who need some good Voodoo. That's beside the point. I LOVE Valentines day and have had fun making a bunch of felt hearts. I might make some benevolent Voodoo dolls too...we'll see. Above is a heart I made for my beautiful boyfriend Ian as I sat awake, next to my sleeping knobby kneed karate expert of a daughter after wrestling her out of her friends bed. It was an awesome evening of great company, good food and happy happy children. Doesn't get too much better. So - I couldn't sleep and filled our friends guest bed with felt scraps and granola bar crumbs. Nice Holly.  SORRY GUYS! I owe you a through dust busting.

Before that it was Kate's birthday and I made her these hair slides (see below).  I'm hoping they'll take off with the first grade set and I'll have the next silly-band on my hands.  I've got a bunch that I'm making so contact me if you want to buy some or trade.

I realize now they could alternately be marketed to the adult set for an evening of burlesque. 

I just love multi-functional objects.


  1. HOLLY! I love this!! And i didn't know you were blogging! Wooha! :)


  2. Megan, you're my hero! I'm totally leaning in public- have no idea what I'm doing but am so inspired by you and your most AWESOME blog! I just started like 2 weeks ago so any tips you can give me I'd be so more than happy for! xxxh

  3. so cool.. i would like one felty bit, please! xox sabra