February 1, 2011

Travel Sketches from the 90's continued

I love these ducks! They were in the middle of the block

in the middle of the city in Salamanka, Spain.

This was our first breakfast in Prevence, St Paul de Vence


This was Patrick on a train. Not a bad likeness at the time.

For whatever reason I loved our bathroom in St Remy.

Hmmm...looks like an airplane drink.

Grandpa penned on a milk box. He was telling me how he was hoarding pills to do himself in if things got too bad. 

I think thats the Edinburgh Castle...scottish friends...?

Again, Edinburgh cafes this time.

Thorntons of corse. 

I like this one and am not sure where I did it.

Same for the tea bag

And finally, we find ourselves in ireland with some sheep.


  1. wow! i love your art! you are such a good painter! i want to go travelling! when are we meeting up?

  2. You are quite the draftswoman! Beautiful. - HM in San Roque