February 13, 2011

Reuse project # ?: burning stuff up

I like to temper my successes with... pyromania, near misses and experiments gone bad.  The worst part about trying to "draw" with matches was the great glob of smoke I got in my eye at one point here.  It hurt.  Forget that.

No. I was raiding Ian's recycling...this is what I pulled out. I got excited about the big tube.  I made one mistake then I remembered our needs at Fittonia - the magical land in which I live when I'm not dodging bullets (ninja spy...).

 NAPKIN RINGS...not terribly sexy, but the prospect of not having to do so much laundry was exciting none the less.

La la la la la. Snip snip snip.

OK - I had just taken my FIRST Ducati ride with Ian...the recycled motorcycle magazine called me from the recycle bin. Elmer's, tempera, scissors and VOILA! 

Napkins rings for the Fitton boys...now for the rest of us.

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