February 26, 2011

More felty bits...

I made these today and yesterday. They began as flowers at my daughters friends house that I cut and assembled while hearing all about the WEV (women's economic ventures) program her friends parents are taking. I love that this recession has made people think more seriously about developing their real talents and turning them into a viable business. The part I don't like is that everyone is broke.

These folk were totally interesting and their daughter who I really like, made flowers with me while my daughter explored her toys and we all drank coco until it was time to go and then the girls ran topless in the pouring rain, screaming with delight and sitting in rivers of water.

This morning when I opened my felty bits bag I thought they would make sort of cool shirt patches for kids, so I kitted them out for that. The photos I took of them individually are terrible - or the color is so I will post them at a later date.

Allison, the intrepid blogger at aliblahblah, asked for a tutorial about the hair clips I had made for our friend Kate's birthday. I promise to do that when I can post these individually Allison, and in the meantime those clips are some where in this blog... under felty bits maybe?

Is it snowing where you are?   

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