February 14, 2011

Sometimes an object is just an object

What is it? Aside from the sum of its discarded parts...it's just something I wanted to make, and thats ok.

I saw a performance in Glasgow once in which a woman spoke about a brick that she liked very much.  She had tied a jute rope around it and that was all that distinguished it from all other bricks. I liked that.  

I already loved these things. They are the bottom of egg cartons. 

Today, I felt like slathering them with glue and turning their innards sparkly pink. 

So I did.

Then I glue gunned them together into what reminds me of a dia de los muertos disco ball, which amuses me but I could have stopped sooner, after  their little pink innards had been coated. That would have worked for me today.   

1 comment:

  1. I love these and I now want to slather something in glue....