February 2, 2011

My - I need a job page!

Ok ... now I need a job! :) This is a flier that I just put together. What am I missing?  I'll take advise! Where should I put it? What should I do with it? 

I'm looking for private work, art therapy, or  some sort of illustration, instruction with young or old and MAYBE depending on the size, for a group. 

I have LOADS of experience doing workshops for children using recycled materials and would consider doing a private program for a small group of kids - after school or weekends.

I have curated shows, managed fundraisers, created project series, worked in the community with "at risk youth", the homeless, people with serious mental health challenges, rural communities, low income groups, children, youth, and families alike. I've loved it and would love to do more.

My forte and passion are working with reused and recycled material, trash, and littoral detritus, but I also love drawing and painting and doing all sorts of "craft" stuff...I just love working with my hands and will learn anything that's required of me. 

Maybe you have a Grandparent who needs some help staying engaged or parent who could use some inspiration? Maybe you know of someone who needs to be making art but can't find the time? Consider buying them a set of lessons. Maybe you have always wanted to know how to draw? Hire me and we'll play and I'll teach you what I know.

Maybe you're way better than me and are already making your living being a great artist. Lets have a drink and tell me how you're doing it! :)


  1. Send it to child care and retirement centers.

    you have an MFA is there a Jr college around that need art instruction?

    OK those are my quick thoughts, take it as it may since I don't have a job right now either.

  2. Thanks Viki! Good luck to you too!!!