February 8, 2011

Reuse Project: Direct from our recycle bin #2

Welcome back to Holly's reuse projects series...materials scavenged directly from the Fittons recycling bin! Thank you Fittonia! Yea for stuff!
In this VERY SIMPLE project I did the following:

1. Scavenged some boxes: nutterbutter, dried fruit, butter and an ointment box
2. Cut them in half or into shapes I liked
3. Hot glued them together
4. Painted them (only actually necessary if your exterior will end up being painted, where as I decided to...)
5. Cover it with felt
6. Decorate with: felt flowers, polkadots, sequins...anything you can find

Then I packed it with my daughters stuff. It's sort of weird, but I think she's going to like it!

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