January 3, 2012

Bas Couture - blue fur


Here we are  back at Bas  Couture, the page where I showcase my cheep to free wardrobe, but you could also consider it the front desk. 

"Good morning, and welcome to Oulalie! How can I direct you?"
Here I am, dressed for yet ANOTHER day at the office.

Events at the office today include a Japanese Western, a short adventure in which the spotted horse and I are taking off, hitting the road - ready to feel the bugs in our noses and the dust in our eyes. Here we are first, in our Kyoto office getting ready. That's right, the odd adventures of the Japanese cow girl, her suspect wardrobe and questionable decisions.  

I thought my blue mink painting coat would be perfect, got it YEARS ago for under $20. That with my jeans, sans belt, which my daughter calls my butt crack pants..."mom...can you pull those up? You can see your butt crack. A lot of it actually" at which point she tugs hard and upward on my back belt loop...which causes other problems.

Then, the the icing on the horse...these fancy riding boots. 
"Thank you for stopping by Oulalie and 
have a great day!"

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