January 10, 2012

Bas Couture - rocket ships and sox

O P E N !!! Yes I'm here in this great portable office of mine, we're in Niece this morning, and I thought it would be easier to just jump around a bit to show of this BIZARRE outfit -which without my team of professionals (left them in Spain) is almost impossible to capture without the video function.

 The top is a SF Haight street thriftstore find and the sox, which are the main reason I'm so pleased with myself just now, are Nordstrom Boot sox...the white part is supposed to go outside your  boot.......well, I don't have Docks that tall yet, so I cut off the feet (no - none of my sox have feet anymore) so I can go barefoot and still enjoy these wonderfully long leg things.

La Laaaaaaa! 

Now - wish me luck on the duck. What do you want to bet I rip this top on the chicken wire frame today? Bets?

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