January 8, 2012

Bas Couture - disintegrating top


Good Sunday to you! Welcome to Oulalie! Yes - I'm of to the office (today we're in Salamanka - look for the little window above that coffee shop near the meat market with the stork nest on top) and yes it's 10:55 but it's Sunday, and we do things differently in Spain anyhow. Just trying to fit in!

Today I'm sporting my Alpha Thrift sexy disco top made of some plastic that is flaking off on the straps already. I love it though! I think it was $4 or maybe half that in their awesome post Halloween sales. I tell you - that is one AMAZING time to be at Alpha thrift.

Here it is again. My extensive team of professional technicians and photographers are taking a siesta...all day, so i did my best to photograph myself and share this cute little plastic top...

It's really hard to get the whole ensemble in though. The pants are also Alpha purchases, and thus like $5. Right now they have glue and dust all over them from the studio yesterday, to where I will shortly return.

For more about Bas Couture - click HERE!

Have a great Sunday!!!


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