January 8, 2012

The Upcycled overboard duck

I had high hopes of documenting this whole process on video, and I have a bit but....

it's really hard to video ones self while working! The white bits are foam strips I'm cutting from one big piece I found.

This is my beach plastic duck progressing. Thats a cut up basket ball above in black.

I'm coating the whole thing with layers of a sealant as I go to create a skin over all the little parts that aren't wired on.

Right now that is Duck butt cake a la Holly. Wouldn't that be a fun cake though...really!

And here's our heros face so far, a ways to go but looking more like a duck now. Thats a plastic milk carton beak spray painted orange

Invaluable extension (abundance) of a flotsom rope (excess) and a fantastic color to boot.

Hellen Chadwick introduced me to the term Bad Bloom. These black flowers on the ducks head represent that - and tar globs.

Coating the bill.

And heres a photo of the whole thing just after sealant application. I have all tomorrow to finish it. I've got a long way to go - but got thee "cute" thumbs up from a small friend so I'm happy.

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