January 6, 2012

Bas Couture - the donut

"Good Morning! Welcome to Oulalie! Here we are, with more wardrobe faux pas at our front desk in Munich today, in a tiny office near that park where everyone is naked in the middle of the city. But not me...no, I am NEVER naked, preferring to slip from one badly assembled outfit to another, seam-fully as it were. 

I love the blue stripes and the black stripes. It makes me happy and I guess satiates some deep need I have to be contrary. I cut the feet of of those blue striped things as I go barefoot a great deal of the time. It's the reason I LOVE clean floors. Its a constant sensation party.

The striped black thing comes from a thrift store in sf. I think it was Buffalo Exchange, and it was under $20. The shirt is a F21 cheepy that I cut the collar out of. And the donut is a giant print of a small painting I did. You can check out more on my just beginning  Etsy page. There are more for sale to - they REALLY look great on the wall in all their juicy 3d photo bigness. Thanks again Matt for helping me print those!!

For more about Bas Couture - Clickage there.

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