January 23, 2012

Bas Couture - The NEW OFFICE!!!

I am SO Excited to welcome everyone to my new satellite office space! For two years I've been floating around, meeting the greatest people, collecting excellent parenting tips and new friends, new ways of eating and an appreciation for the martini. Now it's time to get down to organized output and some serious play.

And for the output mode... I am wearing nothing but the finest Alpha Thrift wardrobe and donning the MOST BEAUTIFUL office in the world.

It's a children's playhouse in an enchanted garden with a ferocious guard capybara and great light and I just so love it!

You'll all have to come visit! And on top of that, the most supportive people in the world just donated a laptop to my cause! 

Did I tell you all that I take donations? Oh yes. And how.

The real point here is that Oulalie is 1 this month and growing a bit. I'll let you all know what we can do and all that just after I figure out this new computer and some other details.

Oops! Gotta pick up the little person! More soon! And happy rainy day to you Santa Barbara Folk!

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