January 9, 2012

Bas Couture - dressed for the duck

Good Morning! Welcome to Oulalie! Do you need anything from the hardware store?

I've already survived an Etsy scam this morning - I'm ON it! Weeee hoo! Yeah. Now, its hardware and high heals. I actually have a pair - mind you, I walk strangely in them. Actually, I walk like a pirate anyways. OH! The ever unfolding and multiplying joys of this STUPID degenerative f#*@*ng nastieness. A giant bull kelp whip would probably round out this outfit nicely. 

"GEt out of my way fools...I've got places to go and things to do before I can't." Make you want to cry? It does me. What a pathetic detour! 

AND bad photos right off the bat, I know - it's a little foggy in our St. Ives studio today, but not too cold as you can see from the dress. I'm going to go to the harbor at low tide and do some little sketches of the boats on the sand. Always such a great subject matter. (OK...it's all in my head - this is rapidly turning into my "Getting dressed is almost as important as a rich travel fantasy life" daily/front desk/GO shot. 

I like that...the go shot.

I'm dressed like a layer cake this morning in sisterhood with the great duck butt cake I made yesterday...hold on...

Aaaahh....no one likes the thing like I do. I think that would make a FANTASTIC cake.

Anyhow, the duck and I are both dressed in blue and yellow. My dress is from Alpha if I remember correctly, and the skirt underneath from the rummage sale at my daughters school. Oh yeah.  Rummage sales RULE! 

The ducks dress comes from the sea. 

Maybe I can get it to waddle like a pirate down to the harbor with me to draw the boats. OH WAIT...I've got to finish it first! 

Reality calls.

For more about Bas Couture and it's history here, click HERE

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