January 5, 2012

Bas Couture - crooked buttoning

Getting dressed in the morning is important...

"Good Morning and Welcome to Oulalie! Yes - I meant to do that."

I'm here in the Mongolian office this morning, looking like a scruff bucket having run most of the way. Nothing GREAT happening in apparel, but my jacket is new and I LOVE it. I got it in San Luis Obispo over the holidays. WHO KNEW what a cool little down town they have! Here are some links to some places we discovered and liked. 

Sidecar SLO   SUCH great food.
Kreuzberg CA cool coffee etc - sister to Sidecar
Bel Frites yummy Belgium fries with dipping stuff
Fanny Wrappers seemingly affordable lingerie fun 
Lulu Luxe  i think this is the site for a store I liked - loads of cool dresses

Detour arrested. Go to the duck now...

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