September 13, 2011

The abject but...

Animal symbolicum

Eat me

 I will.... I am...
 the drip, the stain, the mistake

Do you like me or do I make you sick? What do you see?

 You see the measured and symmetrical, and in this symbolic order you can pretend that you are safe. You are safe with the law. You are safe with the rule. You are safe with the consensus.
But - you also observe and you are more than safe...because you are with me.

I am confused by this cacophony of excess and depravity.  

You are pattern, you are habit you are elite roof top glassed in beauty. You are generally accepted. You are right.

But I am tasting your margins, and they are sweet

Outside of your order and your exclusive thick skin 

I am exposed, transparent, veiny and blue

I am excess, I am need, I am drive, and I am raw.

You are towel dried and jet pummeled, scrubbed feet and marooned. 

Will you jump with me?
then I will jump...

while you sit on your island and say that you love me but....

you love me but?

You love me but. 

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